As you may have seen, we had one hell of a fortnight in August 2018 at Loch Fad on the Isle of Bute- it really couldn't have gone any better. We learnt an awful lot about handling Bluebird, everything from transporting, launching, and running her at slow and some faster speeds, and then what work she needed after every recovery and what we need to take forward to run her on a bigger course. The reception we got from all ages and the help we had from everyone on Bute was very humbling, and stands as a stark lesson for those that may wish to follow...
The boat is back at the workshop now undergoing post-Bute maintenance and is being prepared for her next appearance, while we consider the options for taking her out next time; you can keep up with progress via Twitter- the latest tweet appears below.
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The Bluebird Project Team

  We started a little 'Go Fund Me' page to help keep the Project coffers topped up for when we went to Bute, and beyond. It's an expensive business this and not everything can be done through sponsorship, so if you fancy helping us out at all, even just to the tune of the cost of a brew and butty, it would be very much appreciated by a very hard working bunch of guys and gals. Thank you!

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