Monday 27th January 2020
It is with regret that due to circumstances beyond our control the Bluebird Project has been left with no option but to cease all operations on the restoration of Bluebird K7 for the foreseeable future.

This is due to contractual and other matters that we fully believed to be adequately covered but which now appear to require further work.

We remain as committed as ever to displaying Bluebird K7 in Coniston and operating her on Coniston Water for public benefit as well as at other locations but to achieve this goal, set by ourselves back in 2002, much effort is still required by many people.

Resolving these matters will require discussion and compromise, both of which we at the Bluebird Project are willing to enter into without delay.


The Bluebird Project



  We started a little 'Go Fund Me' page to help keep the Project coffers topped up for when we went to Bute, and beyond. It's an expensive business this and not everything can be done through sponsorship, so if you fancy helping us out at all, even just to the tune of the cost of a brew and butty, it would be very much appreciated by a very hard working bunch of guys and gals. Thank you!

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