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by Steveshq
Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:15 am
Forum: Bluebird Rebuild
Topic: Donald Campbell's restored Bluebird in museum home row
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Re: Donald Campbell's restored Bluebird in museum home row

As a BSAC advanced open water diver, I was organising a World Record years ago for the club. The local council had a very large park that we wanted to use and we had council officials and the mayor at the club for a free drink and all seemed quite well. We still had to go through the same 4 months to just get signatures on paper but when nothing happened for about a month, I phoned and was told that we would have to reapply as one of the signatories had left the employment. I said "can't the new chap just add his signature witnessed by all and BINGO!". Ohh no, the whole application was incinerated and we had to start again! Oh Bliss! We would not have enough time to reapply and that was that. Then a local celebrity heard what had happened, made one phone call, we got the permission within 8 days! Huh ! So, invite the Prince and his new wife to crack some champers over Bluebirds bow (I am sure you can pull up a couple of dates for the official invitation letter - a couple of dates will ensure a greater degree of acceptance) . Get luvly shots of him in the cockpit, the world press will go nuts again, and over some salmon and cucumber sandwiches you can whisper how his influence may help. Only an idea guys as the next big event? I am sure your PR team can organise all this, if not I volunteer, but need more information naturally. I also have several dry suits hanging in my garage and would be honoured to assist next time she backs into the water. I want to book the old Black Bull in Coniston for a week when she does her long awaited return to the lake. But with no date I can't book🤔 so, "The Bluebird Prince" is waiting......
by Steveshq
Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:06 pm
Forum: Bluebird Rebuild
Topic: Isle of Bute
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Re: Isle of Bute

Hiya Al, my first post here ... You said "My attention continues with my beast on Tuesday with 1000 litres of fuel" daft question, bit is there a schedule of duties and tasks published at all so I know what day they hope to do what? As an avid contributer to the BBP, it's hard seeing what's happening each day? Are daily updates being g posted here?

Sorry about the silly questions, thanks in anticipation 😀