42 years to the day.

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42 years to the day.

Post by captainbear »

Just sobered up from a fantastic weekend at Coniston. Thanks to all the team, especially Diver Bill for making it happen. Donald must have approved, 'cos we had amazing weather and the lake was as flat as a flat thing on a flat night! Pity the boat wasn't there, those conditions are made for her and what a sight that would have been! Anyway, we still have that to come. The 'photo of Pier Cottage was taken at 11.15am on Sunday.
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Re: 42 years to the day.

Post by Renegadenemo »

Agreed - my chuckle-muscles have only just returned to normal too. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. Well, not since the team last sat around a log fire in the Sun Inn enjoying the finest of cameraderie. A great weekend and one to be remembered.
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Re: 42 years to the day.

Post by bluebirdsback »

Brilliant night as always in the Sun. Laughed so much i nearly got the beers in look forward to our next impotant trip
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