Not about the Boat

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Not about the Boat

Post by captainbear »

Hi, all. Bit of an oddie this one I suppose, but then again, I am a bit odd and it might just start a new thread!!
There was a program on the telly the other night about UFO sightings and the possible explanations of them. Some of it was quite interesting but what was mentioned was, apparently, the Germans were trying to develop a new kind of “anti-gravity” propulsion system during WW2. There was an aerial photo of what the Allies called “The Flycatcher” a ring of concrete pillars joined in a circle round the tops and perhaps used to launch spinning discs at high revs.
A couple of years ago I read a book called Dark Moon, (this garbage was about how the Apollo moon landings could never have happened) and then went on to “explain” why the Moon is exactly where it is. The beings that put it there used something called a Gravitron Drive, it used discs spinning in opposite directions at high speed, and that places like Stonehenge (a circle of stones with tops on) were the launch points for these vehicles. Sound familiar?
Has anybody read, seen or know, anything about the German idea? Is it possible? Am I an Alien? :mrgreen: All the best to everyone, Captainbear.
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Re: Not about the Boat

Post by tas »

Not about the boat - shock horror - will the thread get locked? - who can tell!

I seem to remember some early footage of anti-grav propulsion, if I recall correctly it was something to do with the 2 discs having opposite magnetic polarity or something. It always strikes me that there are so many technologies that exist that haven't been explored properly.

On a slightly different tangent as it's not the same type of propulsion, but I quite like the Moller SkyCar -

What a shame the authorities are never gonna allow it.
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Re: Not about the Boat

Post by Renegadenemo »

My favourite was that Canadian doctor who told the world that stomach ulcers were caused by a bacterium, helicobacter pylori, or something. The medical profession laughed at his madness because everyone knew bacteria couldn't exists in the acid conditions found in the human stomach.

So what did he do? He chugged a beaker of bacterial culture and promptly gave himself an ulcer - then he cured it with a simple course of antibiotics, collected his three quarters of a million quid Nobel prize and lived happily ever after.

No meetings, no bureaucracy, no whining ethical ditherers. Just absolute self belief. Brilliant!
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Re: Not about the Boat

Post by orgster »

It seems as though the Germans got a little further than rings of concrete columns? thing is if the allies leapt forward in jet engineering from what they captured in the last stages of the war it also makes you wonder what else they ended up developing and flying around in that we wern't told about? ... re=related
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