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Re: Pic of the Day

Post by Andrew453 »

Stick a plumber's poo-plunger on the side and you're there.
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Re: Pic of the Day

Post by malcolm uk »

Many thanks to the team in the workshop last Saturday for their welcome and a few mugs of tea. My once yearly visit captured on camera. Keep up the excellent work - maybe I will not have to come back to the workshop in 51 weeks time. :)
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Re: Pic of the Day

Post by Renegadenemo »

As a small addition to the pic of the day. All three gauges suffered water ingress and were frozen at their last readings but all have brass internals and that can spend a hundred years under water and come out like new, which is why they were salvageable. You can probably guess who mended them.
The LP fuel gauge was the most noteworthy in that we heated the fitting to get it loose and it sprayed genuine 1966 Avtur all over the place. It's amazing what's still trapped in the nooks and crannies of this machine.
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Re: Pic of the Day

Post by Terminator »

"Re Clever or what."

Bloody brilliant in my book old boy. They look the muts nuts :)
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Re: Pic of the Day

Post by rob565uk »

I second that!

Barry is simply brilliant and deserves the highest praise. He seems to be the person for whom the following was coined:

The impossible he does straight away
Miracles take a little longer!


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Re: Pic of the Day

Post by Richie »

if you look up the work Engineer in the dictionary it will describe it "Engineer".... a fantastic chap named Barry who seems to have the ability to create anything one desires
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Re: Pic of the Day

Post by jonwrightk7 »

just amazing !!!!! :D
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Re: Pic of the Day

Post by thunderer »

Mike Bull wrote:There'll be something very tasty indeed in the next POTD, too! :D
Don't tell me, it'll be a pic of a "bacon sarrny" hehe :)

Sorry, just couldn't resist when I saw the words "very tasty".....
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Re: Pic of the Day

Post by Stuart Baker »

Mike Bull wrote:Barry's abilities seem to know no bounds and we are incredibly privileged to have him on the team, (which is how I regard him at least) albeit in his own unique way. Today's POTD of the reproduction and original Bloctube boxes illustrates just that.
Photo of the day just cannot do justice to this masterpiece of creation. The whole point of this piece of hardware is what the mechanism "feels" like. It clearly looks the part, but having been privileged to have moved the lever back and forth, I feel that this would be an experience which could be sold to fund the remainder of the costs of the restoration. And for those who are wondering where their donations go, I am reliably informed that the costs amount to 250 T bags per week, 6 pints of milk and a lorry load of choccie biscuits...


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Re: Pic of the Day

Post by Stuart Baker »

Mike Bull wrote:Beat you to it on that idea Stuart, though unfortunately our advert for 'A Pound A Go On Barry's Knob' didn't get the kind of replies we were hoping for! :lol:
Ah - playground smut. I should have predicted that. Now if you put it alongside the original fuel metering valve from the fuel control unit and offered people the opportunity to test the "honeymoon fit" of the piston in its sleeve, I'm sure you could be tittering all the way to the tuck shop...

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