Web safe K7 pics for Wikipedia

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Web safe K7 pics for Wikipedia

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Have any of you seen the Wikipedia article for Bluebird K7? Kind of weak, I thought. Someone obviously agreed, because the someone in question uploaded a few pics of the boat to spruce the article up a bit. Unfortunately, the images in question were deleted on the grounds that their copyright status could not be established.

Does anyone have images of K7 they hold the copyright to or know of a source of copyright-free images that can be used on Wikipedia to improve the article? It seems silly that an article on a beautiful purposeful piece of machinery should have no photographs of it. What about the BBP guys donating some of their photos of the rebuild to the article?

Wikipedia is more and more the first stop for people looking for information on things, it seems a shame that some people's first introduction to Bluebird would be such a Spartan article.
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Re: Web safe K7 pics for Wikipedia

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They were my pics. I hold the copyright, but I cannot be bothered with the hastle of dealing with wikipedia. They make it too difficult. I made a number of post saying I owned the copyright, but to no avail.

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