The Workshop Music Channel

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Re: The Workshop Music Channel

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Music can evoke strong memories.
The soundtrack to the record attempt November 1966 to Jan 4th 1967, based on number one records at the time:

The Aberfan disaster of 21 October 1966 had all the headlines that late October.

27 Oct 1966 Reach out I'll be there Four Tops
17 - 24 Nov 1966 Good Vibrations Beach boys
1 Dec 1966 - Jan 1967 - Green green grass of home Tom Jones - stayed at no 1 for 7 weeks

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Re: The Workshop Music Channel

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Everywhere i've worked has had heavy metal playing. It's the best motivation for fast work, those that like it work along to it's fast beat & those that hate it work faster to get the job done & go home to get away from it.........

Now we know why it's taking so long to get the job done ;-P lol

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Re: The Workshop Music Channel

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Happened to be listening to Marillon's "Out Of This World" earlier today. As well as containing Donald's last known words "I'm going!", other words are spoken. Is this Leo & other members of the support team trying to make an unfortunately futile attempt to contact DC after the crash?

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Re: The Workshop Music Channel

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latest Texas album (Jump on Board) is really good.
Trying to get my post count up :D

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