Trials Locations

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Re: Trials Locations

Post by jonwrightk7 »

fantastic news! roll on next year!!!! well done all involved! :D :D :D
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Re: Trials Locations

Post by lsrdatabase »

Hi all,

Although I have made no secret of the fact that I don't want K7 to get her bottom wet again, I feel that I should congratulate all concerned for getting the result you wanted.

Keep up the good work restoring your 12" to the foot scale model, we will still be coming up to see her on the day she returns. We will be there for two weeks or so.

Regards to all, Fred
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Re: Trials Locations

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We'll get you a wash leather and a squeegee in that case and you can clean the water off her bottom before we tuck her up at night...
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Re: Trials Locations

Post by Claire »

Wonderful news! I looked at all the news url's posted on Speed record Group and think this is a great day for all of us Bluebird and Campbell fans!

And Bill Smith fans too! You go, Bill, as we say over here in Amurica.
(not a typo).

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Re: Trials Locations

Post by sheppane »

Congratulations to all concerned on the great news today. All concerned came up trumps.... I'm sure Don would be pleased... and the news comes almost 70 years since the people of Coniston got their wish to allow Sir Malcolm to run K4 on the lake in the summer of 39.... a nice symmetry with the projects own "Sir" Malcolm!
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Re: Trials Locations

Post by lsrdatabase »

Thanks Bill,

That will do nicely, young man. See you all there!

Regards, Fred
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Re: Trials Locations

Post by huszarail »

Well done guys. Exciting times ahead.
Can't wait for the sound of the Orpheus echoing around the hills.
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Re: Trials Locations

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History is not just about what has been done, but what is being done - and what will be done.

A pivotal moment.

Well done All!
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Re: Trials Locations

Post by klingon »

Brilliant!-great news and a crackin result!-all we need to do now is actually make the big blue lobster go zoom!-bit of an incentive now lads eh?-exceedingly well done Novie and gang-and great support from everyone who signed the petition thingy-they DO listen to us sometimes then! :D :D :D :D
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Re: Trials Locations

Post by Umber »

The news on the BBC was wonderful. I was inspired to search for information on Bluebird, and found this web site.

I love the lakes, and the Bluebird world speed record attempt was an event which I will never forget. I look forward eagerly to the timetable for the trial runs.
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