January 2017- Displaying K7

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Re: January 2017- Displaying K7

Post by quicksilver-wsr »

Thank you kindly. Looking forward to it.

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Re: January 2017- Displaying K7

Post by polo »

OK if Nigel is brave enough, I would also like to see BB.
I don't mind the flack that will come my way I'm a big boy. I would like to see how the heck Mike fixed little holes like the one with the 5p piece in, so for me, it would be worth the ear ache.

On the 'anniversary debate'. How about having a Photo / film display of the recovery and build at the Lakeside at Coniston, sort of a time lapse photo display showing how she has progressed. I would not be surprised if you would get more followers who do not know of the website and maybe the chance of selling some of the BBP stuff
That way we get DC, Coniston and BB [if only in spirit] together
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Re: January 2017- Displaying K7

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What about the ball kickers Newcastle United thing for a venue?they got catering and a conference centre as far as I remember-and everythings black and white-no green in view! :idea:
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Re: January 2017- Displaying K7

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OK if Nigel is brave enough, I would also like to see BB.
But Nigel has been charming, stoical and dignified in the face of adversity. He's been honest, intelligent, thoughtful and articulate too...
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Re: January 2017- Displaying K7

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Hello all, long time admirer, first time contributor. You're probably already in liaison with the museum that's going to be BB's final destination, & doubtless have been for some time. I'm presuming that they have something up their sleeves for the 50th anniversary of the accident. Surely some kind of display there is warranted, the "time-lapse photography" idea suggested a couple of posts above sounds ideal, especially using the museum as a venue.
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Re: January 2017- Displaying K7

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Not sure if this is the most appropriate page to post this but living in the Lakes I noticed an article in the Westmorland Gazette last week on Bluebird.

Here is the link:

http://www.thewestmorlandgazette.co.uk/ ... _Bluebird/
Ernie Lazenby

Re: January 2017- Displaying K7

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God willing I hope to accompany my son and grandson on4th January 2017 to Coniston to do our own little tribute by running the Gas Turbine K7 , K3 and K4. Only models but it will be our tribute.
My sons office has turned into the Bluebird room at his house!
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