Looking for opinions on an Autograph

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Re: Looking for opinions on an Autograph

Post by jonwrightk7 »

not really... :roll:
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Re: Looking for opinions on an Autograph

Post by Renegadenemo »

Google Donald Campbell autograph images and it seems pretty likely that that's a fake - or he'd had a heavy session the night before.

https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=donal ... 0&bih=1094
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Re: Looking for opinions on an Autograph

Post by midlife »

I've collected autographs since Adam was a lad & I must agree with Bill, it doesn't look quite right, plus I'm pretty sure I saw that sponsor pack for sale on eBay a few months ago, minus the autograph.


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Re: Looking for opinions on an Autograph

Post by Pegasus »

Looks more like Donlad Campbell to me!

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Re: Looking for opinions on an Autograph

Post by Terminator »

I would say in my humble opinion that this is not a genuine signature of Mr. Donald Campbell C.B.E
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Re: Looking for opinions on an Autograph

Post by sheppane »

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Re: Looking for opinions on an Autograph

Post by mtskull »

I was interested in this item so I contacted the seller on eBay to ask if he had any authenticating evidence.
This is a business seller with 100% positive feedback and I don't for a moment wish to suggest that he is knowingly attempting to pass a fake off as the real thing.
He stated that he bought it from a "respected auction house whose experts confirmed it to be genuine". He doesn't have their report but said he will provide details of auction house, auction, lot no. etc. if I buy the item.
Otherwise, all he could offer by way of verification was his own opinion and the common knowledge that Donald Campbell had at one time been sponsored by BP.
I can understand a dealer not wishing people to know what he paid for the item but I'm afraid I would like some better supporting evidence than this before shelling out 365 quid for what, in my own personal and humble opinion, looks like a clumsy fake.
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Re: Looking for opinions on an Autograph

Post by thunderer »

Again not go cast aspersions but.....

I have run across the exact same ruse before. Respected seller, 100% this that and the other wanting to hide behing the "buy it and I will tell you everything" line. Only, when said item is purchased that information is never forthcoming and the buyer is stuck with, for want of a better term, "a lemon" that is neither sellable nor provable as being what it was sold as.

It is fast becoming an all-too-common practice these days in markets where high and fast profits can be made at the expense of the buyer.

To me, it sounds a little fishy, but then, without conformation or denial, there is no room to really make a comment.
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Re: Looking for opinions on an Autograph

Post by mark-f »

I only asked because I thought it looked as dodgy as hell :lol:

Nothing like any of the signatures I have ever seen.

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