Isle of Bute

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Black Knight
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Re: Isle of Bute

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I didn’t mean for it to be stuck outside, they get fitted all over the place but inside was my thinking.
Although mounting to the radio mast would be a grand spot.
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Re: Isle of Bute

Post by Richie »

Not to mention the potential issues the RF would have on the footage.
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Re: Isle of Bute

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You guys just made the lunch time news on radio 2!
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Have you arrived in Bute

Post by Trevwhy1964 »

Hi all
Has the beauty arrived in Bute yet.
I and my father are traveling to the Isle of Bute on the 15 aug :) earliest I could get as a silly thing called work was in my way :twisted:
I hope that we will have a chance of seeing this magnificent craft in all her glory apon the water.
All involved in this amazing project have done a great job, thank you keeping British history alive.
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Guest Pass

Post by Roylej »

How do I get a guest pass to visit the enclosure on 8th Aug?

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Re: Isle of Bute

Post by rich1608 »

Looks like The One Show are doing a live outside broadcast from Bute tonight
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Re: Isle of Bute

Post by auldescort »

Its nearly there
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Canopener Al
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Re: Isle of Bute

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Good luck guys for the weekend, hope everything goes to plan or close to it. :D
Mick Collier
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Re: Isle of Bute

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What a magnificent sight! We'll be over 14th and 15th. Hopefully, she'll be back in the water after the weekend's festivities. Got goose bumps already!
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Re: Isle of Bute

Post by ThornyBush »

Great to see you last night loading her on to the rig.

Glad you seem to have all got to Bute OK from what I saw on Tyne Tees, BBC Look North and One Show.

A great tribute with the pink shirts, and caps.

We hope to see you on Sunday - we can't wait, Bute looks great and your updates on Twitter with photos on the ferry are amazing!

If you put her in the water tomorrow - I wish you all the best....A marvellous achievement.

If you need anything from North Shields bringing up (except the leaking barrels of hydraulic fluid mentioned by Bill before...) let me know.
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