Coniston - Spiritual Home?

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Re: Coniston - Spiritual Home?

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Richie wrote: Fri Aug 24, 2018 5:46 am And with that all said, there remains only one final question !

“Describe your perfect Tuesday”
Not on a family forum...... ;)
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Re: Coniston - Spiritual Home?

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Reading this thread & others on the forum I can't help but come to the conclusion that the much used phrase "Get their act together" actually means do exactly as Bill Smith wants or F&*%^ off.

As I have said before I have supported the BBP since the beginning of the restoration but can't help feeling that the "My way or the highway" attitude of Bill Smith has probably caused as many problems as it has overcome.

The rebuilding & running of K7 is a fantastic achievement but if this is mired in acrimony & disagreements in the months or years to come the whole project & the legacy of Donald Campbell & his boat K7 will be permanently tarnished. Bill has claimed that he is the custodian of a national treasure, I would suggest he starts acting like one & not as if K7 is his personal property to do with as he fancies.

People all over the world have donated to the BBP on the basis of what they have been told over very many years, to materially alter that now is simply wrong.

I don't expect these comments to survive for long, but they needed saying & are believe it or not, meant to be constructive.