A '60s hydrofoil on eBay!

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Re: A '60s hydrofoil on eBay!

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rich1608 wrote:
Tue Sep 04, 2018 2:19 pm
VdGGfan wrote:
Tue Sep 04, 2018 2:04 pm
As a fairly OT link to recent activity, there used to be a hovercraft on Bute back in the 1960s offering pleasure trips to sightseers.
I remember because I went on one!
Iirc it was an SRN5 which left from the beach near Rothesay Pavilion and landed ashore in the middle of nowhere -I suspect at Ardyne Point on the Cowal peninsula.
The noise as the skirt inflated was deafening and you could see b*gger all due the amount of spray generated.
Internet search gives me no details - perhaps a browse in the local library archives may produce more info.
Well spotted!
The very one I believe.

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Re: A '60s hydrofoil on eBay!

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Bill, that’s nearly as bad as your rib mate !

(We need to get her in the shop and make her great again)
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Re: A '60s hydrofoil on eBay!

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Bill, that’s nearly as bad as your rib mate !
It's worse! It's awful...
I'm only a plumber from Cannock...

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Re: A '60s hydrofoil on eBay!

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Funny you should mention the hovercraft that ran between Largs and Rothesay (I believe it was a trial thing and then ended because as mentioned, it was extremely loud), there is also a hydrofoil that runs most summer weekends in Largs. Video of it here:


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Re: A '60s hydrofoil on eBay!

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I gave a lot of thought to bidding on the hydrofoil and restoring it, I can afford to do it but not sure if I have enough time left to do it! Getting old is no fun. It is a very interesting boat.

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Re: A '60s hydrofoil on eBay!

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The SRN.4's & all associated Proteous spares are not owned by the museum. They are owned by Wensley Haydon-Baillie. He purchased them for the engines that power his yacht, Brave Challenger. I was told that 1 SRN.4 was suffering from corrosion issues & was cut up mainly for the scrap money to pay owed storage fees.

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Re: A '60s hydrofoil on eBay!

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I see it went for £6,369....A good project for someone.

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