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Re: Coniston Bye laws/Ruskin

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:42 am
by bluebirdsback
I was being polite. Once the damage is done the best thing is to get shot of the (tea bag) and all the damage done and try to recover the situation by starting again. In the end you get a nice cup of tea and every one is happy.

Re: Coniston Bye laws/Ruskin

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:58 am
by Renegadenemo
Once the damage is done the best thing is to get shot of the (tea bag)
Indeed, it's amazing what a bad taste a single dodgy teabag can leave. Good rinse and start again needed.

Re: Coniston Bye laws/Ruskin

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:39 pm
by mtskull
StrawberryFruitcake wrote: Mon Aug 10, 2020 5:22 pm Respect is something you earn and Donald and Sir Malcom commanded that respect. However, riding their coat tails and attempting to capitalise on their successes does not command respect at all. Their energy would be better served supporting the people that have propelled Sir Malcom and Donald back into public awareness and ensuring that they were not forgotten heroes.
Well said. I think you have neatly summed up the view of the silent majority there.

Re: Coniston Bye laws/Ruskin

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2020 12:40 am
by Terminator
What really gets me and infuriates me and still does to this day was what was said to me on the afternoon of 24th November 2019 outside Salmesbury Hall.

Whilst mingling with as many old friends as I possibly could saying hello etc not having seen some people for quite sometime. When suddenly I find myself stood outside next to one of the “Three Amigos “ stud there in there Heavily Embroidered Bluebird jacketed puffing away.

Then came the bold statement, That “ Bill Smith has had his chance and he won’t know what's coming or what about hit him!! :o Followed by “ Oh Yes, WE don’t care if he returns the wreckage, we have a team standing by to fully rebuild Bluebird K7 if needed” those words have live with me ever since !!!!

It took a moment for the implications to sink in as to what Johnny come lately was actually saying here!!
It was all I could do to contain my shear anger at those words said so flippantly by a person all but on the scene for five minutes in the grand scheme of things WE! WE ! Who the hell is this WE I thought ? Two bold statements made by Johnny obviously with very little thought or consideration for the person it was being said to!!
And as such with total disregard for the whole team!!

Having personally spent 18yrs of my life at that time doing many many things to see Bluebird K7’s full restoration to her former glory. In honour of a Great British Hero to us all and per the wishes of my friend of many years at that time!!

However It still amazes me to this day “ How the hell was that going to get the boat on display in the Ruskin anytime soon having to rebuild it?? “A Team standing by” the mind boggled to whom Johnny was referring to? But it was the usual goons in the background I’ve since learnt!!

This person before me was dismissing in an instance the painstaking hard work, blood, sweat and even tears it has taken to restore such an iconic craft.

Many hours over the past twenty years spent travelling, working, running 14 miles around a lake, fund raising, dinners, etc etc etc. All towards a shared goal once upon a time!!

Then it all became clear as that friend stood alone on January 4th 2020. I say alone because someone bailed out incase the Evil One should appear.

Even I wasn’t aware of what was about to be delivered on that day which should have been a day of respect paying homage as we have always done but instead it was being used wrongly in my opinion.

“I clapped in total disbelief and took a step back from the cliffs edge? “ Why?

I knew a real possibility now faced the lovingly restored and successfully run Bluebird K7 boat of being torn apart because of some idiots burning desire to impress!! Bill has in moments of pure frustration and anger threatened to pull the boat apart!! Its not hard to understand why given the many devious goings on in an attempt to steal the Bluebird to gain his thirty pieces of silver. Which are in the public domain now so we can all judge for ourselves. It would be tragic and a big mistake by Bill to ever do this to the people truly involved in her resurrection.

Many many enthusiasts have contacted me annoyed and infuriated by this idiots constant hijacking recently of such Anniversaries but again only done to impress !
And people of a certain age who wish to see Bluebird on Coniston before there time is up.

But this only goes to show and clearly demonstrates the ignorance and contempt by this Johnny come lately for the history and for those enthusiasts who hold the subject and our Hero in the highest regard. Or more likely its because Johnny doesn’t really give a sh-t!!

Someone said recently “I hate the politics “ which is very true. But one thing that will never be taken away from me personally despite what has gone on behind the scenes here is the part I and the Team have all played in the on going history of Bluebird K7. Nobody will ever take that away! Nobody!!

I can’t see how given what has gone on in March 2018 how the Ruskin could even think of aligning with such people!! Bill is many things but I certainly don’t believe he is attempting to “steal the boat through the back door” but others may do so once in their possession don’t you think Ruskin??

Come on Ruskin pick up the phone and lets get this sorted once and for all. Its better the Evil one you do know don’t you think? I think one person’s loyalty within the village has already cost the Museum dearly. Please don’t make that same error again and lets talk this through. You’ve got his number why don’t you use it ?

Re: Coniston Bye laws/Ruskin

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 11:42 am
by Renegadenemo
I'm back in one piece...

Yes, Novie, but look on the brigh side. Mr. Johhny Come Lately has now united with Gina on Pistonheads to make themselves a laughing stock.

I spent an interesting few hours chatting with the PistonHeads folks the other day at the request of a few people. Most were polite, there was the occasional one who we ignore in whatever guise they choose today but it entertained me to see that Johnny Come Lately has now morphed from his age-old Badger identity into a certain William Norwood and, though I've just returned and not had a chance to look, the contents of my inbox tell me that Gina joined him last night and posted some semi-coherent, grammatically chaotic and insulting rants about you, you ape man.

Maybe teach the pair of them to drive that JCB though I doubt it could dig a hole any faster.

Re: Coniston Bye laws/Ruskin

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 5:27 pm
by Filtertron
There was a rebuttal that Norwood isn't Badger. Not wanting to further fuel the fire, I will note that I have looked through that thread, and the syntax of both are identical. It also seems odd to me that once Badger's real identity was 'outed' here, Norwood appeared very quickly afterwards. I don't think that was coincidental.

Re: Coniston Bye laws/Ruskin

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 6:15 pm
by Renegadenemo
There was a rebuttal that Norwood isn't Badger. Not wanting to further fuel the fire, I will note that I have looked through that thread, and the syntax of both are identical. It also seems odd to me that once Badger's real identity was 'outed' here, Norwood appeared very quickly afterwards. I don't think that was coincidental.
Well you'd expect that - I mean, I wouldn't like to admit to that sort of behaviour either but there's no question that Badger became Norwood as soon as he was outed here. The other possibility is that someone for reasons unknown chose to imitate Badger to three decimal places but how likely is that? Any reasonable person comparing the cut and paste ranting of Badger / Norwood would have to conclude that they are one and the same.
And more examples were to be found on our forum. A Badger appeared around the 6th January and ranted in an identical fashion until the moderator deleted him (not me) and then he popped up again as another Badger and had another go but didn't even gain approval that time, though his attempts were screen grabbed. Here's a typical example. Same old, same old...

Screenshot 43 Badger.jpg

So, fair to say that the Badger from PH is the same Badger who tried to post exactly the same type of content on the BBP forum. Now here's the interesting part. In order to register on the BBP forum you have to supply an email address to which your confirmation is sent and both times Badger joined our forum this is the email address used.


Now if you put Robnorth333 into Google who do you get?

So there are but two possibilities. In one scenario, the abusive Badger who twice registered on our forum using the email address above, and who was basically moderated out of existence, then went to PH and started there instead ranting about how our forum is a dictatorship, etc. Then was outed as Mr.H and suddenly became 'Norwood' whilst becoming ever more vocal.

Or, the original pair of abusive Badgers somehow share the unusual Robnorth email address with an unfortunately wronged individual. And then another abusive Badger popped up on PH soon after but vanished again at exactly the same time as these connections began to unravel only to be replaced days later by someone who could reproduce in every detail the terrible grammar and punctuation of all three Badgers.
But here's the really intriguing part. Norwood (and a few times for Badger 1 in late January) has two voices, two different styles. The one who rants about 'Billy Haddock, etc. and the other one who likes to use two adjectives like, rat infested hovel, or crusty old museum, for example. In fact 'crusty' is used rather a lot but, hey, this is all pure conjecture and coincidence... Except it isn't.

Draw your own conclusions.

Re: Coniston Bye laws/Ruskin

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 6:40 pm
by Jordangbr
Reading that was enough to give you a nosebleed. 😄
I don’t generally look at the PH forum after knowing what a bear pit it is so I give it a wide berth.
After reading the last posts on here I thought I would go and have a look to see what this was all about and I too noticed a couple of interesting points. Firstly, I too noticed there are two very distinct writing styles in prose and grammar for ‘William Norwood’ so there has to be two people using the same log on.
Secondly you can tell by their last post that Novie posting on this forum has really, really needled ‘William Norwood’ almost as if it was personal. Ironic that they mock our Novie for his spelling and grammar yet theirs is atrocious in comparison.

Re: Coniston Bye laws/Ruskin

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 6:56 pm
by Terminator
Unfortunately having had it pointed out to me that a Certain Norwood was making “Childish” references about me over on Pistonheads I nipped over and took a look.

So Obviously Stamping their feet again making exactly the same noises and references that have been said before!!

I note Leo Villa is Ernie Lazonby an old friend of mine a top gent and the finest model maker in the world in my opinion ok . And he is up front as to who he actually is on that Forum. More than can be said for other faceless keyboard warriors.

However Ernie I must disagree here as I have no account on PH I’m afraid my friend. Your conclusion I feel Ernie were made very quickly I feel given Bills rumbling of the true identities so maybe you may have made an error?

Anyway I have to disagree in as much as the phrase’s used and elocution is mixed at times but I have to agree and many others have contacted me regarding what is being said about me on there!! But as I say its mixed like two people sat at a Piano keyboard trying to be clever but only to themselves I suggest!!

Ernie you taught me a great lesson in life once upon a time my friend. “Its alway better to have a friendly chat in the car park and discuss things like gentlemen”. Sound advice Ernie and Inhave never forgotten those wise words.

But as I say I don’t have any doubt its who Bill has stated along with all the other usual suspects hiding in the shadows afraid to step into the light! Childish goings on and not very helpful in trying to resolve this matter! I note and acknowledge your attempts to resolve this matter Ernie which take my hat of to you Sir.

But until the shenanigans stop I’m afraid its a closed book old friend !! Sorry couldn’t resist that old chap :D

What has been attempted on four separate occasions and supported by those intent in driving the knife firmly into the Bluebird Project Team isn’t on. And why ? Because we resurrected and successfully running our 'Hero’s' :D iconic craft to its former glory! With its potential now realised after all Bills vision and the Teams hard work, thats why the sword of treachery has once again been drawn.

Re: Coniston Bye laws/Ruskin

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 7:06 pm
by Terminator
Apologies for the typos like of instead of off! Can’t find me damn glasses 😂