Active support at Coniston

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Re: Active support at Coniston 2010

Post by Renegadenemo »


Please get in touch so we can explore how this might work.
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Re: Active support at Coniston 2010

Post by longarmedgibbon » ian lazenby ernie lazenbys son. i ran his turbine model on ullswater on the 4th jan, see utube 'bluebirdlazenby, you mentioned that you are looking for people with relevant experiance for the project. I was in the royal air force for 9 years and for most of that time i was tasked with aircraft refulling and fuel testing and storage. I would love to get involved in bluebirds fuel issues. email
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Re: Active support at Coniston 2010

Post by OptimalGT4 »

im an electrician

and one of RNLI Lifeboat Crew for Morecambe

also very good with engines etc
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Re: Active support at Coniston 2010

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malcolm uk wrote:If you have skills that could be used by the Bluebird Project during the major undertaking that will be the 'on water trials' of the rebuilt craft please leave me a note on this thread. Or if you prefer, send me a personal mail mentioning any prior experience.

Being involved with the operations will be more rewarding than just standing at the Bluebird Cafe.


Hi Malcolm

I would like to help, the Donald was always a hero of mine. Jan 4th is one date that i will never forget as its my birthday. i am a sales manager and will willing help in any way i can. Regards
The wanderer

Re: Active support at Coniston 2010

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Hi Malcolm,

My Wife and I are planning to be there for about two weeks, (just need the dates), not sure how we can help due to our mobility scooters, but just ask.

Fred and Jo
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Re: Active support at Coniston 2010

Post by 1660bob »

Hi, I am a recently retired cop, probably not much use in itself !!!, but I give a damn and have the right attitude!!! .A Maintenance fitter by trade, live in Preston so only 1 hour from Coniston, and being retired( early-48yrs old), AVAILABLE at short notice.Should be able to muck in with `owt!, cheers, Bob.
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Re: Active support at Coniston 2010

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I am a data accuisition tech for NHRA Drag Racing and an OSS Offshore powerboat Team in the USA. I also throttle. I would be happy to supply a data collection system for this historic event. Digital and GPS Based system. I think even a glimpse into information about the boat and its historic destiny would be very interesting.
Of course any help i could provide i would be glad to help.

Harry Clack
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Re: Active support at Coniston 2010

Post by rob565uk »


Put me down as a definite volunteer.

I have little relevant experience other than some years spent powerboating on Windermere when it was allowed. I am currently providing some very minor assistance with the re-build and am very keen indeed to provide any support needed to get K7 on Coniston once again. I can turn my hand to a variety of tasks and don't mind what I do as long as it makes a positive contribution to getting K7 successfully onto Coniston again.

(As Bill Smith will testify, I am qualified to perform very simple tasks without supervision :D )

Best wishes

Robert White

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Re: Active support at Coniston 2010

Post by f1steveuk »

Well Malcolm, you know the sort of things I've tinkered with, from spannering F3 cars, to driving old F1 cars and Edwardian chain drive monsters, while doing TV both behind and in front of the camera, etc etc etc, and if I am in the UK, I'm there!!!
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Re: Active support at Coniston 2010

Post by klingon »

With regard to the SMS thing-my son is a boffin with O2 and says that they may be able to temporarily locate a booster station at Coniston for the duration of tests etc-they do this for major events elsewhere as long as we don't leave the testing till 2012-they will be a bit busy then with some sort of sports thing in Lundun.Mebbe approach them nearer the time with definite dates and so forth?
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