Bluebird & Other Scale Models

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Re: Bluebird & Other Scale Models

Post by TAGood827 »

Hello Mike,

I've tried to send 3 PMs to Fred but they all show as still being in my Outbox. They haven't moved to the Sent folder. I am doing something wrong? I did get a successfully sent message notice with each message but I don't think they've made it to him as I haven't yet heard back from him.


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Re: Bluebird & Other Scale Models

Post by JfromJAGs »

As already DC used to know, records sometimes don't come easy and especially not as planned.

Last weekend in September we had as record event for RC boats in Munich. I tried to push the current RC record (using 8 LiPo cells in an outrigger design) from 314km/h = 195mph to over 200mph. On the first run the new prop threw all 3 blades - I had grinded it too thin. Second day was too windy. Third day I did one pass at 331.7km/h = 206mph, but couldn't back it up with a return pass. The boat submerged on start up and came back upside down. Soon after the wind picked up again, so I couldn't do more runs.

We did set some records on other classes though, e.g. Arne raised the 6 cells outrigger record to over 300km/h = 187mph and Gunnar in 8 cell catamaran to over 230km/h = 143mph. Powerwise and also concerning stability Arne's and my boat could probably go faster - but both are on the edge concerning lift: the boats fly too high, so we are loosing thrust from the prop. So, back to the drawing board...

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Re: Bluebird & Other Scale Models

Post by thunderer »

How about an inverted Aicraft-style wing at the front that is adjustable, It may help to keep the nose down a tad?

To what extent it will work, I do not know....
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Re: Bluebird & Other Scale Models

Post by JfromJAGs »

The whole boat is a wing and works in ground effect as a self stabilizing system - which we want to keep. We are working on some small changes in several points to reduce the general lift gently. Adding (inverted) wings or spoilers tend to disturb the stability of the system, e.g. an inverted wing in front will produce downforce as long as the boat flies parallel to the surface. But as soon as there is some angle in the hull, e.g. from running over waves, then the downforce will reduce or even change to lift -> dangerous. We will most likely install some (rather small) deflector plates behind the front boom - this less to produce direct downforce, but rather to direct more air over the center section than having flowing underneath.

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Re: Bluebird & Other Scale Models

Post by Toleman »

Finally finished!
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Re: Bluebird & Other Scale Models

Post by Fulcrum29 »

I was wondering, do you guys do these models entirely by yourself, or are there Bluebird kits? I've checked Scalemates for kits, only to find that many Bluebirds had been replicated... by ancient brands that have ceased their activity several decades ago.
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Re: Bluebird & Other Scale Models

Post by Richie »

It’s alright Andy, Bill is getting a smoot senile in his old age.

Well if we have an Andy, I vote we need to collect folk with different names... can we have a Heinrich join the forum please ?

Or can we really push the boat out and recruit a Laserus or Tarquinius ?

Thus far with the exception of Malcolm and I, folk on the team have short names, you know, simple folk.....Barry, Mike, Dave, Jordan......Bill....

Fancy being named after a ducks face ?

Cruel parents....very cruel 😉
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Paint for K7

Post by Stephen D »

I have recently completed a 1/12 scale model of K7 and had the paint specially made to match the exact colour of the original.

I used a spray gun to get a lovely smooth finish and then lacquered it...looks fab.

I have lots of the paint left over so if anyone wants to make me an offer fot it...leave a message and we can liaise.

Regards Stephen.
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bluebird k7 plans

Post by flyfisherbill »

Hi I wish to make a model of the bluebird k7 to sail in my local boating pond could you supply me with a copy of plans or tell where I could get them from either hard copy or email would do. thanks
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Re: Bluebird & Other Scale Models

Post by mickday »

I do have a plan which I am happy to share

I was going to build model from it myself but then I got a part finished model which I am working on completing for running later this year

Anyway happy to share what I have, but as Mike mentioned it probably will not be 100% accurate, attached low-res copy

Let me know by PM and I can share the hi-res version
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