Warby's Spirit of Australia II

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Re: Warby's Spirit of Australia II

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The Tyne is a bit bigger than an Orph - but its twin spool, so the Starter only needs to spin the HP system over. The Starter connects via an external HP driven Accessory Gearbox (so its under the engine), and looks a bit different to the 'direct' style Orph starter, mounted in the Nose Bullet. The Tyne Air Starter I know (for the Marine Tyne - and made by Lucas/Rotax) was intended to run at 250psi inlet, but was actually run off a 350 psi supply (cos that was the nearest the RN had available). So guess that makes it an 'HP' starter.

'LP' starters are used on all the big fan engines (211, Trent, etc) and run on about 40 to 45 psi inlet pressure - lots of it....!

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