Isle of Bute

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Great for Bute

Post by Aquaracer » Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:36 am

Just registered. I visited Coniston last year and had been wondering about the relaunch.Smiles all round when I heard the news.I travel to Rothesay weekly on business and here is the "dream " event on my doorstep. Wow - what a treat and this is great news for Bute.I hope the local authority realise what they have happening in August.
Also Calmac - as a business who make their living from the sea I would like to think that they will be supporting this amazing boost for Bute. ( Have they offered any concessions re ferry charges etc. for shipping Bluebird - they should be welcoming it with fanfares)
I look forward to seeing you all - and K7 in August.

PS. Any idea what boat you are planning to be on (3rd August)?

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