Happy Birthday, Donald!!

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Re: Happy Birthday, Donald!!

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Donald would have been 100 today!
Happy Birthday, old boy!

(edit - why does it change to "Donald" when I try to put the word Donald(see! Skip per!) in my post?)

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Re: Happy Birthday, Donald!!

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Just been looking at the news... See Gina travelled to Coniston in lockdown on the day where we had a minute’s silence to mark a year since we locked down and remember all the victims of Covid-19. She clearly has no thought or humility. I hope she takes any potential repercussions with the good grace the late Marquess of Bute did when he travelled to Scotland to spend what would have been his last Christmas with his family. But based on her usual behaviour it will be a travesty and everyone’s fault but her own that she should not be allowed to travel to Coniston on what would have been her Daddy’s 100th birthday had he not died 54 years earlier and been dead longer than he was ever alive. Shame on you Miss Campbell.
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Re: Happy Birthday, Donald!!

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As one esteemed historian pointed out - everything that has happened regarding Donald since 2001 has happened because of the BBP and we're very proud of that. Every day he stares down at us from the wall of K7's workshop and when passers by ask what we're doing we just point at him.

Soon we'll be continuing our work by opening up the workshop to visitors and before poor Johnny left us he made sure everything was set up for a return to the water in 2022 so we'll do it in his memory, doubtless for an important charitable cause and, of course, to continue our work in remembering our mate Donald.
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Re: Happy Birthday, Donald!!

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Happy Birthday Donald !

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Re: Happy Birthday, Donald!!

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Indeed, happy birthday S.K.I.P.P.E.R

Incidentally I learned today that the big guy shares his birthday with a rather infamous world leader !

Emperor Go-Kogon, 4th Northern Emperor of Japan was born on this day in 1336. If he was still alive he'd be 685 today

Not too shabby at all Donald, not too shabby 8-)
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Re: Happy Birthday, Donald!!

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Happy Birthday Donald.

I just saw the ITV post about unessential lockdown travel. I was on essential travel up to NCL to start work again, although at MME until things kick off back at NCL.
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Re: Happy Birthday, Donald!!

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I paid my respects to the Donalds grave alone re the 100 Anniversary of his birth and on my direct route to work! The headstone hasn’t been washed off properly since the last time i did it way back! A last minute cut by the looks of things and the rest of grave yard not touched! But it served its purpose up close for those taking pics.

Given the current lockdown rules it would appear those have been clearly breached travelling such a distance to an otherwise Covid free village for the past 12 months!! Not all Conistonians were happy with this violation by two individuals even on such an occasion!!

Oh Dear and one other outsider appears to have been in the village for the occasion!! Tut Tut!! What took place in the Ruskin on zoom clearly shows no social distancing in the Library. And in the Bluebird wing where a carefully orchestrated interview QS session took place!! And entering others houses friends or not as was told to me by an irate local may yet result in the village have cases suddenly springing up. Stay local, stay safe, save lives, protect the NHS who have worked so hard for us all!
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