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Like others I have already posted (once) on the forum, and I noted the invitation to say "Hi" in this section, so here I am.

I was born in 1952 and remember both the Bluebird land and water speed attempts with Donald ..
I was totally gobsmacked by the beauty and sleek lines of the Bluebird-Proteus CN7 and have stood many times in front of it in awe at Beaulieu ...also (but not quite as much ;) ) the K7 boat :D

In 1967 I was 15 and remember well the images and haunting words as Donald lost his life in K7 :shock:

I have followed the retrieval of K7 and your quite stunning rebuild over the years and have been amazed just how well she performed 'out of the box' - a real tribute to you all, especially with the huge percentage of original material you used. Congratulations and very well done. :D

In my only post I felt compelled to make a small reference to the apparent 'mud slinging' that's going on around K7 and running on Coniston as I feel strongly that your professionalism and obvious abilities should rise above it and take the moral high ground - frustrating though that may be.
Keep strong and if Coniston comes to nothing because of 'jobsworths' and bureaucracy turn your back and run somewhere else that's as accommodating as Bute seems to have been. ;)

I wish you well with future running and agree totally that items such as K7 deserve to be running and not stuck in stuffy museums in silence gathering dust. I would love to see someone spark up Proteus CN7 ... now that would be something 8-)
I build and fly rado controlled model planes and have done since I was 8 and love to see projects that intend to get planes back in the air where they belong - ... to-flight/
So more power to you as boats of importance, like K7, need to be run too . 8-) ;)
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To hopefully avoid the Ducking Stool or the Stocks... :o

Not new, vintage 1958. Heard about The Crash on 4th January 1967, on the Radio. Almost immediately built a version of K7 out of Meccano, as boys did then. Bit later found the book With Campbell At Coniston, in the local library. Read it, cover to cover - several times. Gremlins was a new word, for me.

Started my career in engineering, with the Bristol Engine Division of Rolls-Royce - part of my logic being that they (as Bristol Siddeley) had made DMC's engines - the Orpheus and the Proteus. And I did manage to do a bit, on both of those, albeit only briefly. Later on, I was involved with engine control systems & accessories, so I do know a bit about Fuel Systems, Fuel Pumps, Air Starters, and similar things.

Joined this BBP Forum Nov 2016. Posted occasionally. Have visited the BBP, but not really done a lot... :(

Trying to stay positive - really don't like the attacks and negative stuff. Thumper's Mother's Rule should apply - If you have nothing good to say, then nothing.

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Total newbie to BB & the project.

Got hooked through a certain song & a visit to the LD last year & been following ever since.
Native to Argyll - brought up on Loch Eck side for 20 years, now over in Ayrshire but the family home is still back there.

Totally amazing to see BB on Loch Fad, never thought I'd see it do that speed with my own eyes...and to chat with Gina for 20 mins just topped off a lovely couple of days that will live long in the memory!
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Evening folks,
Registered to simply add my congratulations to the team for a fantastic job over the last 20 odd years culminating in the last couple of weeks on Bute, to see the project reach this stage of the restoration is amazing, I live close to and work around The Lake District and obviously DC and Bluebird are the stuff of local legend, I'd have loved to have got to Bute to see you guys operating her but sadly had commitments the two weeks you were there, the online coverage has been superb though, a true treat to watch of an evening after work to see what had been achieved that day, I'm very much into photography and can be found most weeks up in the hills of the lakes photographing fighter jets as they fly through at low level, however I am very much looking forward to seeing you guys the next occasion you take her out on trials and hope to get some photos of her running.

Congratulations to you all once again, superb dedication to the task and an amazing result so far...

Kindest regards
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Post by JohnTheBikeMan »

Hi, new to the forum but have been observing from afar.

Absolutely love our benevolent dictator's rants!

Tremendous admiration for everything you've all achieved.
I am the one who guided you this far
All you know and all you feel
Nobody must know my name
For nobody would understand
And you kill what you feel...
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New Member

For all of you involved with this Noble project a huge heart-felt thank you.
Gladly help in any way I can.

Makes you proud to be British

Regards Andy
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Post by rich105e »

Hi Bill and the team, registered on the forum after seeing the very first run on Bute but have only just got around to submitting a post. I've been following the project for a few years and we extended our holiday in the lake district this year specifically to travel up to Bute to see Bluebird. Seeing the first run of K7, meeting some of the team and speaking to Gina made it one of the most memorable days of my life! Keep up the good work!
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Post by Fulcrum29 »

Hello everyone!

I've joined this forum because I'm really into prototype/record vehicles from the X-15 to the Bloodhound SSC, and I could't gloss over the Bluebird vehicles. I wanted to discuss the design, creation and history of these projects as to learn more than Google and Wikipedia already gave; I hope I'll be able to become part of the community!

Have a nice day.
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Fulcrum29 wrote: Wed Nov 28, 2018 3:16 pm really into prototype/record vehicles from the X-15 to the Bloodhound SSC, .... I wanted to discuss the design, creation and history of these projects ….. I'll be able to become part of the community!
Blatant sales pitch time :roll: :roll: :roll: - the Speed Record Club is another the group of people who may know a little bit about every speed project from the 19th Century forward. Some members are Bluebird fanatics, of course. The SRC has a page on faceb****** (Bill's favourite social media site :lol: ) and there is a website to which questions can be sent. With the 111th issue of Fast FACTS published this month there is a lot of reading, should you feel so inclined.

Of course anything K7 related ('66/'67 version) is best answered here.
Malcolm Ops

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Post by Fulcrum29 »

Well, I'm not complaining about the sales pitch, since it's definitely something I'll be checking out! I don't use Facebook that often (I used to be a heavy user and am trying to browse the damn thing less) but I know what I'll do next time I'll visit that site.