Planning Time before the Proving Trial?

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Re: Planning Time before the Proving Trial?

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Thanks Bill,fully support your and the BBP stance,Museologists ay, w-----s
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Re: Planning Time before the Proving Trial?

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As the days rush towards the end of the year, I for one had hoped that there would be some positive news from Cumbria.

Nothing has been published on the final version of the "updated and future proofed" Bye-Laws, which will need Secretary of State sign-off. It seems that the revisions to the Coniston Water Bye-Laws, having had to go into a full Consultation process, will now not be confirmed until well into 2020. The hope is that the new wording will allow Speed Record Week organisers to hold a National and International event next November. [The draft Bye-Law wording had removed the sentences and paragraphs about the Proving Trial of Bluebird K7, but the replacement words could allow more running, over 10mph, should that be applied for].

The village's Bluebird Event Working Group, which was renamed the Heritage Festival Working Group, was disbanded in February '19 and the operating Company set up to manage Festival events [Coniston Bluebird Heritage Ltd.] was closed in August '19, according to Companies House records. This seems to leave the individual Trustees on the Management Committee of the Institute and Ruskin Museum at the forefront of organising any 'village event or festival'. Nothing has come from this group to me.

It would seem that 2020 will be very quiet and peaceful because there will not be any sound of an Orpheus jet engine powering a hydroplane across Coniston Water.
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Re: Planning Time before the Proving Trial?

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Reading between the lines, I get the impression that the Museum would like to see BB incarcerated inside the building, never to emerge again. I'm afraid that until the ownership questions are settled BB will just be locked up inside another building elsewhere.

This is desperately sad, especially given the ground breaking restoration that has taken place. My sympathies lie entirely with the BB Restoration Team. What a shame that the Ruskin were ever involved, people with such limited vision are probably much like those that were telling Donald Campbell that it couldn't be done.

How this will end is anybody's guess. BB looked magnificent on Bute!

Sincere best wishes to all the Team, you have a great deal of support out here.
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Re: Planning Time before the Proving Trial?

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Sincere best wishes to all the Team, you have a great deal of support out here.
Thank you for your support. We were supposed to be running on Coniston this July but that was cancelled without explanation. We offered a joint expedition back to Bute and were summarily dismissed. We're now out of time to run her in 2020 but upon bumping into one of the Conistonians a couple of weeks back it was suggested that 2021 would be a an appropriate year for a big homecoming. We leapt on that instantly as it's only 18 months away and asked whether it was really to happen only to be told that there were many 'i's to dot and 't's to cross and when we asked when that process might begin in earnest we got only radio silence.

Safe to say that nothing is going to happen until they join with us in making things happen.

Never mind - we've decided that 2020's project will be to build a half scale of John Cobb's Crusader in order to properly understand her design and construction - as you do. We're putting together the website at the mo and in the meantime you can see what we're up to on Twitter.



PS - the final strap line is 'Ghost of the Loch'
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